classical taste of the real coffee.. with a special ingredient of beans and other components to enhance the level of more original classical coffee.!
Special Healthy Tea. what you drink is what you get
Ice cream with a unique flavour of mixed taste..

Free Wifi

Unlike others we are providing a free wifi access that with a superb speed so that you won't get bored sitting in a Cafe and you can even tweet about our Cafe. Share your thoughts and feeling about the service and taste of our food and Drinks.. your can even leave a suggestion and further feedback on our site. with internet you can pretty much do anything now a days..!! so enjoy your day online...

Purified water

Every single drop of water we are using for our ingredients or preparing a coffee or drinks are highy purified water, Even the ice cubes are also made with a filtered water so that you can enjoy a healthy food and drinks here..!! Once health and cleanliness is our #1 priority..

Book for Birthday parties and other celebrations.

We are open for booking the cafe on any type of celebration specially birthdays.. We will make sure you get all the neccessary amenities and make it more enjoyable..for further arangements kindly contact the cafe maganer.